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August 02, 2010


Oh sweet Candice ~ keep up the faith, your dreams will come true. Those standardized tests are the worst. . . some more cramming and you will get it next time. Thinking of you. . .

Hugs, Kim

Your Silver Bella creations are beautiful. Love the colors. SO very creative. Sorry to hear about your tests:( I am sure you will get it the second time. Good luck and don't give up!

You are really not alone in not passing the Math/Science....I have a friend that has taken that section 4 times. It's really not easy. I found the Cliff's had some of the identical science questions on my test...so you may see if you can pick up a used copy of the Cliff's book. As far as RICA...it's really subjective on the essays so you just write as much as you can and call it good. It will all work out for you....and the great news is...Special Ed is ALWAYS hiring!:)This will be my third year teaching MM SPED and I love it.

Oh I'm so sorry Candice! I know so many girls with that same thing...planters fascitis. Marie has it too. It can be very painful, and you could (not saying you do) need surgery for it. One lady in my workout class had to have it years ago, but she had an extreme case. We all should probably be wearing better shoes. See you when I get back...Ali loves Roberto!

this wasn't your day, was it? just take a deep breath and take your test again. you can do it. tests always stressed me out too.
as for wearing orthopedic shoes, have you ever glitzed and/or blinged a pair? that might be the answer to that problem.
your creations for silver bella are amazing!

as always, your stuff is soooooo gorgeous.

i'm sorry about your exam but you'll get 'em next time!


Love the goodies you are making -- sweet!

Keep your chin up on the test--lots of people do have to retake. If you ever need a math tutor, I can help :)

So sorry about the CSET! I know you will pass w/ flying colors next time around! I love your newest creations, too! You are so talented!

Hang in there girl!

Will you be making any extra kits to sell?!? Please (please!) say yes. The only scrapbooking I do, is when it's one of your kits.

Candice, love that you and your mom will be at Silver Bella this year! Your kits and crafts always amaze me; I'll be heading for your table when the SB vendor night doors open!

I wore orthodics in my shoes way back and to this day I have no problems, but man my feet hurt before then! My orthodics even fit in some of my sandles, so there are ways to get around not having great shoes! I don't wear them now, but I have them handy just in case! Hang in there, sometimes we just get some speed bumps in life to slow us down!

Hi Candice,
Popping into see what you're up to and I love what I see! You've been busy. Looks like yummy things will be at your vendor table for sure!
Happy days,

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