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July 28, 2010


woo hoo,
im so excited you are coming!!
and you are a vendor. cherry on top!
cant wait to see your smiling face!!!
have a great rest of your summer.

Good luck on your exams! What fun you and your mom will have at Silver Bella! Wish I could go too!

So excited that you and Mom will be joining us at Silver Bella. GOod times to come!

Hey, I read your blog. :) I'm also going to Silver Bella. We will be fellow vendors to boot. I can't wait to see what you make to sell. Good Luck (not that you'll need it).

I missed your blogging. Glad to see you will have more time for your love of crafting. Cannot wait to see what you will be creating. I know it will be awesome :)

I still read your blog! I've checked weekly since June :)
Meghan from Canada

I would be you're 6th reader. I check everyday, so happy you're back. Hey, may we have more details on the Silver Bella. When? Where? Or did I miss somtething.

I still read your blog Donna from minnesota. Can't wait to see sneek peeks.

Welcome back to blog land (I haven't bloged in ages either). Lucky Silver Bella gals. They will love your creations. You are uber talented! Good Luck on your tests and enjoy your crafty time. Hope you are doing well.


Oh lucky you - Silver Bella. Will be such fun

You will do just fine! For the RICA, think of some ideas for upper grades as well as primary grades. I remember my essay question asked about ideas for a 6th grader who hated reading (or was it struggled in reading, don't remember) but was into drama. My other friends had questions regarding library (I'm assuming classroom library?). But you will do just fine! :-) Not a very tough test.

It was great to see you yesterday and I reminded me that I hadn't checked your blog forever! I am laughing to find out you haven't either!!! It's great to hear you are almost ready to find out your exam scores...very exciting! I am thrilled that you and your mom are going to Silver Bella again. It's only because of you going there in '07 that I know of Silver Bella and I've checked it out every year hoping to go myself some day! I'm looking forward to your sneaks! : )

Just wanted to let you know I READ YOUR BLOG!!! I thought you feel off the face of earth!! So happy you are back! Can't wait to see what you have and will create!!! You and a few others are my crafty inspiration since moving away from So Cal!!!

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