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February 03, 2010


i would to take a walk with you. but i wouldn't get much walking done. i'd have to stop and explore each shop and from looking at the outside of victoria and co, i might have to spend a whole day inside there.

your valentine's display is awsome. almost enough to make me get up and look for my reds and whites. maybe tomorrow. thanks for the inspiration.

hugs, harriett

Youre so cute Harriett! Go look for your pinks and reds and then the rest will follow. I was looking at my empty display for weeks after taking down Christmas and well...i started slowly and then it was all i could do to stop decorating! lol Take care, friend. :-)

Candice Carpenter

love the red, love the banner, love the friends that we have become and love the adventures that are to come!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Breathtaking! my faves? the fountain and pool, the Victoria and Co store and of course the red white and pink display! ^^

Is this Old Town in Orange? Might need to stop by today...


See ya at Affaire in Wonderland
( I bought a Top Hat )

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