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January 05, 2010


It is wonderful coming home! I love it. Great pictures and I just know you had an amazing time! Happy New Year!

welcome back Candice.....gorgeous pictures!!!

I LOVE seeing other people's photos of places that I have been. It's so interesting to see a place that you are familiar with through someone else's eyes. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos!! Happy New Year, my friend. Hope to see you soon!

OMG jellyfish!! I think I just jizzed in pants. omg, omg love!

i too love seeing places i have been thru someone elses eyes (or camera lense) you photos are excellent. glad to have you back. can't wait for "the list".

Oh, I love SF! One of my all time favorite places to go! Thanks for sharing the great pics!

ps - Did you know everything at Paris to the Moon is half off right now? I heard they are hurting. :(

There is nothing quite like coming home to your own little piece of Heaven.

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