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July 26, 2009


What a fun day! For SF you have to go to House of Nanking in ChinaTown for a meal. It is a total hole in the wall but world famous and has been there forever. If you like Chinese food you will love this place!

Oh how fun to be in San Francisco for New Years Eve. I've never stayed at that hotel but I'm sure it will be wonderful...Westin's are great. One place I always go to while in SF is Yang Sing for deem sum...it is so yummy. Here is their website...http://www.yanksing.com/
Also a fun place to see is the Ferry Building which isn't far from the restaurant (Rincon location) I also found a really cool ribbon/trim shop and she has some antiques downstairs...just need to find the name...I'll look for that.
I can't wait till March 5th...I saw the trailer for Alice in Wonderland oh the visuals are going to be crazy good...gotta love Tim Burton :-) and yes it doesn't hurt that Johnny is in it LOL

You sure have been ahving some fun. Sounds like you have everything sorted out for your trip to San Francisco

I'm glad I'm not the only person who starts off their perfect day with a trip to B&N :) You've also inspired me to go back and check that movie out again. Hmmm... Enjoy yourt rip this winter - sounds gret!

What about Castle in the Air in Berkeley? I sure wish I'd known about it when we were out there a few yrs ago for son's graduation. It looks like such a fantastic place.

Love your blog, inspirations + "views" - I've been on a "support local" thing the past few years.

Jane - Jacksonville

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