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August 20, 2008


LOVE it!!! so excited...i already signed up this morning!!!

I just got in!

Oh I hope I can come play too! These are fabulous layouts (and I know because I saw them in person)! hee hee

Hugs, Kim

Yippee I'm all signed up :-)

Love it! It's so cute! Unfortunately, I leave on a cruise that day. Any kits?

Will you have kits?! These are adorable!

Please please please say you are going to offer this as a kit for us east coasters!

Pretty Please?

Unbelievable! These are some of the greatest pages I have ever seen. You ROCK. I just signed up.

I keep trying to schedule through Oasis and they are not answering their phone for an hour now.

My head is starting to spin.


Ok, now I went down on my lunch hour and nobody was home at the store and there were other people outside wondering why the store was not open. Hope everything is ok?


Argh! This looks AWESOME!!! I so love love love Halloween. Bummer that I don't live in CA. Wish someone would do something like this here in Seattle.

This is AWESOME!!! Any chance of coming to Buffalo, heck just come to my house!

please tell you are going to have kits available for purchase for us unlucky few who get in a plane?!?

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