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May 22, 2008


Oh my! How cute!

BTW...I love your blog and creations.

Warm regards,


oooohhhhhh! those little kewpie dolls are soooooooo kute!

want a few of those!


ahhh hah! those are the cupcakes that you were wanting to decorate. i can see why!

so very lovely.


Hi Candice!!!
These are soooooo cute! Eeee! :)

I've sent you a few emails this week, and just wanted to make sure you got them! My email has been wonky! Ugh.

Talk soon!!! :)

But how did the cupcakes turn out?? No photos? I'm still drooling just from looking at the unfinished product! ;-)

How cute the cupcakes you decorated with "kewpie" dolls are stinkin cute, like you! LOL! Happy Memorial weekend. Hugs Grace

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