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May 26, 2008


I'm all over that blue glitter glass! I posted blue and white china on my blog...somehow that really put me in the mood for blue!

movies? My husband "let me" (LOL) watch "27 Dresses" this weekend, and he watched with me...HA. I loved it, one of those chick flicks...makes it okay to eat all the movies snacks!


Count me in the drawing!

BBQ steaks for Memorial Day!

I love what you do with glitter. I need to play with it more myself.

Hey Cutie -
Happy Memorial Day to you too!!

Love the blue glitter - yummy!!

take care,

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a cute movie. Just saw it with hubby Sunday night!

Oooh, I love that blue glitter glass!

Oooh, I love that blue glitter glass!

Oooh, I love that blue glitter glass!

Oooh, I love that blue glitter glass!

What beautiful glitter! I'll be crossing my fingers :-)

I had to work (the joy of being a Nurse ,hospitals are open 24/7 365)so alas I missed BBQ , and had to settle for Pizza we ordered at work

I saw Indiana Jones , was not my favorite of the series , but loved Shilo Lebouf ( hope I spelled that right)

I would love to win that glitter , love that shade !

what beautiful "blue" glitter! I went to see "Made of Honor" with the ever adorable McDreamy...it was cute and very funny and romantic. I saw it with some girlfriends, we laughed we cried we talked about how stupid men could be sometimes! (yes we are single) Can't wait for Sex in the City Friday! Need that glitter to sparkle me up! Hugs Grace

Love the blue glitter, it would be perfect for the triubte album I am working on for my son's friend. No movies this weekend. I went to the National Cemetery and placed flags. Visited my son's friend who was killed last year. Very sad. We did BBQ in the afternoon. A very quite day focusing on the real reason of the day. I do need the party hat.

Count me in!
I want to win !
Hope you had a great long weekend.

That glitter is such a great colour!

I was one of the many who saw Indiana Jones this weekend... I accompanied a friend who really wanted to see it but found myself enoying it more than I thought i would... the plot's a little out there but it was funnier than I thought it would be!

Off to see Sex & the City tomorrow... now that's a film I can't wait for!

Victoria xx

Don't have that color and love jars. Hope I win.

Nervously raising my hand hoping for that gorgeous blue color, would be perfect for the next holiday decoration needs!!

OMG!! Love the sparkly blue glitter. Talk about putting you in the mood for the 4rth of July.

It was a Fantabulous weekend! Perfect weather in the East Coast. We had many barbeque's, a Memorial Day Parade, Family Bike races and professional bike races. Many trips to the Pool Store and spent oodles on pool chems to fight the "green goblin water" but watching the kids do COWABUNGAS, priceless!!!

What a vibrant blue! No movies or bbq for me this weekend, just relaxing time at home.

What a gorgeous shade of blue. So many great things that would work well on.

Wow, that glitter is beautiful!


We took our little guy to Indiana Jones. It was good. Now, he wants the Indiana Jones LEGOS even more!

Love the glitter!

gorgeous blue glitter!!!

Hubby to the littlest to see Indian Jones. They enjoyed it, but understood why many critics panned it!

It sounds like you had a NUMMY Memorial Day! We've been in Texas for a year so my husband could attend the SGM Academy (active duty Army) so we spent time with friends at home- BBQ one day, pizza and brownies the next, watching movies such as The Patriot. Memorial Day is quieter for us I guess.

The blue glitter is gorgeous! Patriotic Blue, True Blue. Love it!

luv the glass glitter, I recently inherited my grams collection but I don't have blue (which is funny since it was her fav. color!

Hope it's not too late to enter...Saw Indiana Jones yesterday and it was great...everything you would expect from this action-packed adventure.

We BBQ'd as well. Yum yum. I have a newborn so no movies for me. :( I really think I need to go AWOL friday night and see Sex and the City!!! Love the blue glitter!!!!!

lovely blue color
I saw "indy jones"- It was a fun movie - really 'campy', but it was supposed to be.
Elizabeth S

Love glass glitter- and the blue is just gorgeous. Just stopping by to comment before heading on over to P&P for the new Hat kit!

We BBQ'ed at home. We really enjoyed the day, cool weather and all.

Oh, that blue is simply GORGEOUS!!! Please toss my name in the hat. I'd love to win that bottle of sparkly fun!

I sure wouldn't be blue if I had this blue glitter... ;) LindaSonia

No movies for me this weekend, just rest, relaxation and bbq with neighbors. Love the blue glitter, would love to win it.

I just love your site and cannot get enough!! Thanks

Heather Hansen

Beautiful...love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

We had BBQ'd ribs too...SO SO SO yummy!!!!

hope you had a happy holiday weekend!
loving the glitter

It was a good weekend, I'm grateful. Sunday we had some family and friends over for my son's 5th birthday party. On Monday we headed over to my hubby's folks' place for a BBQ. It was lovely.

I hope you have a charming week.

there's something about glass glitter that just puts it in a class all of its own...i can't help loving it!

I'm a lover of sparkly things too and that is a beautiful blue!

Glitter??!!! just lovely!! I also just recently used some of the white glass glitter that I got in one of my kits from you on a LO from my daughter's 16th b-day... turned out beautiful!! saw Indiana Jones this weekend with the family... a very fun flick!!

I saw Indiana Jones and thought it was great!!!! LOVE everything you do Miss Candice.....!!

That blue glitter is just gorgeous!!! Oh please add my name to your wonderful giveaway, Candice!!! Thank you!

I love that shade of blue glitter! Blue is my favorite color! I saw the movie Iron Man. I thought that it was very good.

Oooh! What a beautiful color! Love it! Yeah, we saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I have to admit that I was really disappointed. I don't know if I was just expecting too much from it or what. To be honest, I think it was just a little too over the top for me. In the other movies, he was searching for things that were at least plausible (the ark of the covenant, the stones and the cup of Christ). This one... all I can say is, not my cup of tea.

Love the glitter that I've already purchased, hoping to win the fab new blue!

Glad to know that your holiday was a good one!

We haven't been to the movies lately, looking forward to vaca when we see at least 2 or 3.

Just found your blog and love your work. Good luck everyone

OOh very pretty glitter!
We took my son to see the new Indy. Wasnt my favorite of them all ,but still good, my son and hubby liked it.

What a cool giveaway! I saw Indiana Jones with my sweetie and I was surprised that I liked it. I hadn't seen the other Indiana Jones so I went to the movie thinking that I would be totally lost, but it's an easy to follow story. It's also worth it to see it on the big screen because it is a great action film.

Now I have to rent the others ones.

I'm back!! Since you asked for us to comment: "That is the most yummiest shade of blue glitter and I think I need it!!

I had my own encounter with Indian Jones this weekend. Check out the blog! I think my head is still spinning over it and I am so tired!

Made your Creativity Fairy over the weekend -- come see her perched in my studio :).

love the glitter kh

Hi Candice! Yes, PLEASE include me in the drawing for the fab glitter!

I am on vacation in the mountains of Colorado, but have been watching movies like crazy since we've been away.

We have recently seen: Lions for Lambs...a really good movie about the war and the politics therein.

Juno...a FAB Indy-esque film about a girl who becomes pregnant and what she does about it. LOVED IT!

The Kingdom...a movie about the war in Afghanistan and the Russian invasion. Great, but pretty gritty and real. Yikes.

The King of California. Michael Douglas plays a father who is an in-again-out-again bipolar patient. His daughter has raised herself but when he is released from the mental hospital he comes "home" to live with her again. IT's a wonderful story about family and what's really important in the long run.

Dan In Real Life: Steve Catrell (the Office, Evan Almighty) plays a "widowed" dad of 3 daughters. I think it's the best role I've ever seen him portray...he's very real and genuinely funny.

We've seen a few more but my memory fails me...this should be enough to get you started!


Paula Clare

Love the color...thanks for the give away!!dj

I had a fabulous Memorial Day!! Besides honoring those who serve our country, we went bowling!! Gotta love it when your grown kids come home because they want to, not because it's curfew. haha Valarie

Please enter me in the drawing! love the blue!!

last weekend we saw Chronicles of Narnia. really enjoyed it.

hubby & son saw the new Indiana Jones this weekend and thought it was great also!

Enjoy your day!!

You have gotten my hooked on glass glitter! I love it! Didn't go to the movies, but rented Mad Money and it was cute.

What a great colour that glitter is.

Anything you have created is magical! I'd love to be chosen to receive a bit of your magical ingredients.
I didn't see a movie this weekend, but saw the play, "Taking Steps" at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa....my face still hurts from laughing....can't beat a live performance.

Love your site! LOVE blue glass glitter! And movies? Just saw Indiana Jones...just like all the others...very campy...very fun! And Whatever Happens in Vegas is super fun, too!

Love, love, love the blue glass glitter! Thanks for the chance! How thoughtful!

I am soooo glad that I purchased the hat subscription! my sister will love the 4th of July hat :) its her favorite Holiday.

Haven't been to the theater lately...but the last time we went out to see a movie, we saw Diving Bell and the Butterfly which was sad but inspirational at the same time. It definitely puts things in perspective for you and makes you appreciate even the tiniest things in your day that may seem like a drag but are really things that are nothing in the whole scheme of life. It does have subtitles, though, so not a movie you can watch while scrapping!

we saw sarah marshall and indianna jones. the first was so much better than I thought! I suggest it with the hubby. and idy was blah,but a Jones has to see it ;)

crossin' my fingers for the win on this one.


you can never have too much glitter!

we just relaxed, went for a walk, did stuff around the house.

Beautiful glitter, oooooh I hope I win!

Happy Memorial Day! my dad and i saw Indiana Jones! We loved it. It was really funny and if you've seen the others then you will understand the references that make it funny.

I really need that glitter! I got something in mind.

hey love this color of blue.
saw the narnia movie it was okay just really long! hubby and son saw the indiana jones movie and they both enjoyed it.
good luck with your movies!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day. My husband took my boys to the USS Missouri, here, in Hawaii, then to the USS Arizona Memorial and the Oklahoma Memorial, to pay our respects. A very nice Memorial day, indeed. :)

I love glitter!!!!!! I love your PARTY HATS.

Yes, we b-b-qued and it was yummy too. Well, thank you for sharing your absolutely beautiful royal blue glass glitter. I love the color. Oh my! Thanks for the chance. How fun!

The glitter looks awesome! I saw P.S. I Love You - it was great, but emotional too. And we had 2 BBQs!


Hey C-
Count me in the drawing!
Not much BBQing but a whole lotta
spring cleaning......love it!
Have a good one!

love me some glitter! ;)

ooohhh...I love glitter and that color ROX !!! I spent memorial Day in the Fl. Keys with my family eating EVERYTHING !!!!!

Love that glitter!

Stop by my blog to enter my giveaway.

I love the glass glitter. The blue is beautiful. Cannot wait for the cruise.


oooh, love it!!! love your blog too :)

no movies this weekend, but the week before we rented "ps i love you" - such a beautiful story and the setting is ireland (gorgeous!!!)

Loving the blue glass glitter!
Memorial Day was good but no bbq...just trying to recoup after vacation, hee hee. Sorry no movie reveiws from me...I have quite a list going myself. I haven't been in ages...hope to see either Maid or Vegas on Friday.

Oh my gosh, saw "Baby Mama" over the weekend with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - it was hysterical! So great to get a good laugh from a movie!

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