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March 16, 2008


Love, love the strawberries! And that green and white birdhouse in the last picture is to die for! Too bad this market is only on the 3rd Sunday, we'll be in town on the 1st weekend (see my email). Thanks for sharing!

those bottlebrush trees are AMAZING!!!
i've never seem them in those colors...yum!

I love the colors in the first photo! Such great finds and the tress are great and what great colors. I wish I had a great flea market like that near me.

I hope I win. I love the easter banner!

I hope I win! I love the Easter banner!

Oh what pretty finds!

so many treasures!
i ordered a few things from your shop,
very cute!!!
enter me in your lovely giveaway!
have a great week

Those bottle brush trees are adorable. It looks like you had a great time. Congrats on your new store.

I am one of your lurkers that read your blog everyday. Love all your stuff. I even placed an order yesterday with your new site. It is great. I would love to be the winner of your lovely giveaway.

Oh, treasures! I love everything , it would be so hard to choose just one as a favorite. But the trees are great.

oh what a lovley lot of treasures. Love the trees. Can't wait to see the kits you come up with.

What a lovely idea. I'd love to win. I love th stuff you found. How fun. Congrats on your new store!

Very sweet! The colors in the pics of your hunt today are certainly brightening up our snowy day here while I work.

Michelle T.

Wow... looks like you did indeed find some very cool treasures... I've got to go to one of those flea markets one of these days!!

Those strawberries! My mom made a bunch of those when i was a kid...I bet those are hers:) LOL
Dancingly, denise

I am so jealous of that "Flea Market" What cute stuff especially love the strawberries and all the bright colors. Thanks for sharing..now how can you share all your energy? LOL! How on earth do you do all this? Share Girl! Hugz Grace

ohh LOVE what you found ---can't wait to see what you create with it!

I love the pics of all the goodies! I would love to win the Easter banner too!

Oh the bottlebrush trees and that cute little elf--- too adorable! Thanks for sharing, and Happy St. Patrick's day to you!

OMG that flea market looks AMAZING!!!!! I wish we had some good ones near us! :(

All of the yummy spring colors are my favorite part! Happy Sunday to you! :)

Lucky you!!! Looks like you had a great day! Congrats!

Those are some great finds! Love the bunny bucket! :)

What a score!!! Please count me in!

Ack, ack, ack!!!! I LOVE all your finds. Especially the elf, bunny cup, and the STRAWBERRIES. What luck. And I'd totally buy a zillion of those bottle brush trees.

I'd looooooove the banner kit! :) I'd be such a lucky duck. Thanks for the chance! xo

How fun. It looks like you really hit the jackpot of finds. Wish I could find a flea market lke this

How about that? I was just linking from blog to blog tonight and stumbled upon yours. After totally drooling over your flea market finds, Ijust had to enter for the drawing.
Oh, and I'm bookmarking your blog for sure!

Great finds Candice! Those strawberries are so cute. Love those. Can't wait to see what's in store for those future kits.

WOW.. A LOT OF GREAT STUFF.. I love your inspiration and talents.. Thanks for inspiring us.. You are a busy gal.. Have a Happy ST. Patrick's day..:)

candice - it was great to see you yesterday! i'm so happy for you. congratulations on your success! :) glad you got some sleep!

LOVE those bottlebrush trees - what a great find! i MUST go to that flea market one of these months...

OMG, those trees! Did u buy all of those trees? Luv them!! Ok, you have to see my vintage candy birthday room, thanks to you!! My daughter is so excited.!!!!

Oh my - look at all the goodies. Please enter me in your drawing.

you have my twin sister's name....anyway, i love your work and your blog.....keep up the good work....

I love allthe treasures you found. Everything is to die for and I can just imagine what awesome stuff you are going to come up with using all those sweet treasures. Happy St. Patty's Day!!!


what a fun kit. :)


Candice.......your blog just makes me feel "HAPPY"!! I love looking at all the great things you find!! Thanks!!!

I LOVE the trees and I am so jealous! :) The colors are so yummy! I can't wait to check out these goodies on your site! Please count me in for the give-away! Take Care.

I enjoy reading your blog!Would love to win the Easter banner kit.Thanks!

The little elf is soooo cute! Looks like one of the little elf in a game I'm playing right now (Harvest Moon)

Okay I would LOVE that whole bin of bottlebrush trees and those strawberries take me back! My best friend's grandmother used to make them!! You found wonderful treasures and I can't wait for you to share them with us!

ahhh - such fun stuff!

Hi Candice- Congrats on your shop. You are so talented. I have always admired you....I would love to win anything that you have made, assembled, etc...Heather

ahhh - such fun stuff!

everything just seems to have that magic vintage candice carpenter touch! i'd love to have the chance to win your easter banner kit, it is such a beautiful project.

i already posted a comment, but it seems to have magically disappeared, so if this is my second one, please forgive me! all your finds are treasures, and i'd be tickled pink to win a banner kit! thanks

What fun finds! :-)

OH I would love to go to a flea market like that! We don't have them around here. Love those strawberry pin cushions and the bottle brush trees! Would love to win one of those banner kits! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

I am so jealous that you have yummy flea markets near you, lucky!!
Love your new blog can't wait to start shopping.

I've already had so much fun looking at all the goodies in your store. I'd love love love to get an easter banner of my own!

I love, love, love those Strawberry pin cushions! Simply adorable!

Wow! Merry Christmas! I love the suitcase of trees; here in Ia. we only have seen the green with white snow. What fun to have COLOR

Hey Girly! I'm so glad we finally met on Saturday!!! Isn't the LB flea the best! I love your easter kit.....I hope I'm the lucky one! Talk with ya manana :)

Yay! I can't wait to see what will be happening with the strawberries!

Oh I wish I could go to a market like that!!
Count me in for the wonderful giveaway.

Candice - Congrats on such a successfully splendid opening! Hooray for you and what fun are all those little treasures! :)

I LOve all your goodies. The strawberries look way cute. I love those days when you are just lucky and find tons of good stuff.

Congratulations on your new adventure. Your going to do great :) Love your ideas...keep the good ideas flowing and look forward to more of your products and projects.

Beautiful Easter Banner Kit, come home to Mama and I will have a blast putting you together and displaying you proudly in our front window! (Fun new site!)

what mazing finds, love the suitcase full of bottlebrush trees!!!!!!

oh my stars! awsome 'junk'!! I am totally going next month!!! can't wait to see what you put together!



Woohoo! I'm so very excited for you Candice. Rock on, friend!

i love your site!! need to order something soon!!!!

Wow . . . incredible finds! Love them all! Can't wait to see what is to come!

Ahhhhh...lovely eye candy!!!!! You sure have a good eye! Love it all!!! I am not much of a "holiday" decorator except for Christmas, but slowly I am trying it out. I can see how you get so excited about holidays in general. Have a great week!

oh my gosh i want to win so BAD, please pick me!! :o)

C.C. Your site looks great!
I am soooo happy for you. Hope to see you soon. (?) C.B.

Wa Wa Wee Wa!!! Everything is soooooooo FUNNNN!! Total eye candy!! Great finds!! Sooo excited to see what you do with everything!

Those naked babies at the flea are a lil creepy though. The lil guy up front looks as though he's practicing the breast stroke.

ooooh PLEASE enter me! I have been wanting one of your easter banner kits oh sooo badly!! Tooo fabulous!!!

Your blog is just knocken socks off..and I am beeeyond thrilled about having Peacoats and Party Hats as a part of my routine!! Hooray!!

Thanks Candice!! You RULE!

xoxo Jenny

I just *love* those strawberries - they're fabulous! Wonderful finds, well done! It looks from the photos that you really had fun searching for those items.

Fingers crossed for the banner kit! :o) Looking forward to my giant ballerina order too - fab finds, thanks again for making them available to us! (Ooh, must say, I was directed here from Jenny's Everyday is a Holiday blog!)

oh those bottle brush trees in lucious colors are so wonderful!!!

oh!! looks like so much fun!! i miss the ca flea markets and outdoor shops!! i haven't found any as good since i moved. i will always be a west coast girl wherever i am.

Ooohh what fun... count me in..

WOW!! It looks like this was a great flea market. Those bottle brushes are great!

Wow, you make me want to visit just to see to all the devine places you go to! Well done on your new store Candice, it's so inspiring!

what an awesome blog! Glad I found you!

Aren't those little strawberries great?! I found a bag of them at an estate sale once. Your shop looks wonderful!

the banner kit sounds like fun - and your flea market finds are fantastic! Thanks for the contest fun!

Oh my gosh...I wish I lived in your area. You always find such great stuff. Those stawberries are way too cute! Your new site is awesome. I am trying to figure out what to order...it all looks so good. Best of luck...


Ohh, enter me into the drawing!!! I just adore that easter banner & all your vintage finds!

It looks like it was a fun day with so many treasures!
The bottle brush trees are great! Those are some wonderful finds! What fun!

I am so glad your shop is open. Love all of the goodies.

I love your new store! You have amazing and unique items. Looks like you found some beautiful items on your excursion!

I love this Christmas trees!
Darn, I should of went to the LB Flea Market, it was a perty day too!

ohhhh......the easter banner - one of my favorite things that you have made! Would love to a chance to win that!!!

Candice, you are a genuine, creative person who is so willing to share ideas and talents. I am looking forward to your new endeavor. Thank you for sharing your creativity with those of us who live so far away and will raring get to SEE and HEAR you in perosn.

I just discovered your blog (YEAH)!!! Looks like you hit the jackpot with all those great finds!!! I especially love the great Christmas trees!!

Looks like you had a SUPER time! Great finds! Please add me to your drawing - I'd love an Easter Banner kit! Have a great week!


ooh...talk about lots of yummy finds! jessica

Hope i'm not too late to get in on the drawing. i still need to put away my valentines day schtuff... so maybe i would actually do it if i had easter banner to hang.... or not, who knows??? have a happy easter candice

I totally want to know where you were that you found all those awesome treats!

I still have the Noel banner to put together, but I'd love the Easter one, too!

Looks like I need to hang out with you at the flea market. Your finds are great! Love the strawberries.

Congrats Candice! You've done a wonderful job and all of your adoring fans are LOVING it! Made my first purchase on Saturday.

Isn't the LB Antique Fair great? Do you go every month?

It was nice to see you at Paris to the Moon over the weekend. I am waiting patiently for those trees to appear on the site.

OMG - the cutest strawberries and the bottle brush trees. They are so pretty! Love it all - I wish I lived nearby so that I could peruse the markets. Count me in the giveaway.

ahhh candice, I would love to WIN the banner kit instead of buying one!!! BUT if I don't I will still by the one we have worked out. I can't resist it.

I wish I could have gone to the flea market with you.

Can't wait to see who wins

Oohhhhh, all those vintage pretties just waiting to be used! I'd LOVE to play with them! Pretty please with sugar on top!!!

Wow what fun to find all of those yummy things! I especially like the christmas trees - Hope to win an Easter Banner! Looking forward to taking another class with you soon.

Pick me....i'm a loyal fan!

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