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March 22, 2008


Is it Becky Novacek? (sp?)

Is it the lovely Becky Novacek?

Becky Novacek...

Yeah if it's becky!
i love her!

I guess Jennifer Pebbles.

Hmmm...the first person I thought of was Teresa McFayden...Can't wait to see all the inspiration!

Happy Easter!

Janna Wilson.

or Tia Bennett or Tara Whitney

If it's the fabulous photographer I think it is...it's Becky Novacek. I love her blog. So much talent.

Might I guess . . . Emily Falconbridge?

Marilyn Healey?

I'm guessing it's Joanna Bolick?

It's already been said, but I am going to go with the incredibly talented, super sweet Becky Novacek.

I have no idea.

I guess Jamie Waters....Heather

Becky Novacek!!!

I am guessing Tracy Kyle?

My guess would be Kim Kwan

my guess is jenni bowlin :)

I going to gues Nisa Fiin but I don't know if she designs for AL

My guess is also Kim Kwan.

I am guessing Joanna Bolick?

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