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February 27, 2008


Fun fun fun fun fun!!!! Oh how I wish I lived closer!! This kit is fantastic!! LOOOOVE it!!

Missy is adorable!! She is super sweet, and MEGA talented!! I am lucky enough to own a few of her happy little plush creations! Love them!!

Your spool family is adorable!

I am suuuuuper excited for your Grand Opening!!! I must start squirreling away some casharooni now!! :)

As always your blog is just brimming with eye candy!!!

Thanks chick!

xoxo Jenny

That spool family is too cute! Lucky you! And your studio is to die for - super duper lovely!

YOur new spool family is totally cool as is Missy - I have been a long time fan of hers!
Your easter garland looks fabulous!!
Cant wait for 3/15!!!
Let me know if you have any new garlands you would like me to post to celebrate your "grand opening".......

I LOVE the spool family! They are too too cute..... I also adore your studio and it's lovely shade of pink. I can't wait for your shop opening! Thanks for introducing Missy, I have found a new favorite Etsy shop and blog! Oh boy. Take Care.....

awww! Thanks for the luv :) I too am anxiously awaiting the grand opening of P and P :) I had such a blast at your class! I wish I could have met your mom too and thanked her for the cupcakes! Darn So Cal traffic! LOL! and I'm glad your little spool girlies have a warm friendly home now :)

Oh, If only I lived near you and could take your classes! I'm so envious!

Hey there Candice...can't wait for the grand opening...saving my nickles and dimes for some Candice inspirin' lovin'. :)

What an adorable studio, so bright cheery & FUN!!!!

Love, love, love that crafty room of yours! Such an inspiration. Left a little something something for you on my Blog today. Thanks for making my day!

Hugs, Kim

The spool family is so adorable. They totally remind me of those fisher price toys that I had as a kid :-) Perfect addition to your craft area.

Those are adorable! :) I love your pink space, too!!! :) Hey - totally random, but I saw these cake stands and thought of you:


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