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February 20, 2008


yummy! there so prety it would be hard to eat them, well not THAT hard. tee hee,
have fun!

those cupcakes are beautiful~i bet they are awesome!

Those are too pretty to eat.

i'm actually so excited for the class tomorrowI hope i can sleep tonight! so true...karin

Yum! LOVE it when Mom bakes!!



Are you going to be selling "Lucky Girl" as a kit? (Muskrat...I need that kit.)
I just took 3 of your classes at Scrapbowl and love, love loved them and your style!!!!

Never mind....I found the kit on Peacoats.....but I still mean all the compliments :)

Candice, those cupcakes are unbelievably gorgeous! Do you have to be a pastry chef to create them or are they easy enough for the average housewife? :)

Please doooooooooo share the recipe for those very pretty cupcakes!

Wouldn't it be nice if momma made them for creativity in bloom?
I'll see you soon!

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