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November 12, 2007


Hey, friend!

So glad to have met you. Your work is amazing and your table was one of my favorites!!


fab pics!!!
i love everything i boght at vendor night! you are so very talented!
jessi nagy

Candice, it was SOOOOOOOO fantastic meeting you & your beautiful mama! I hate it that we didn't get a pic together (at least I don't have one on my camera) but I will always treasure our time together in Omaha and hope our paths cross again in the future.

I am reading the blogs of those who went and I am kicking myself for not going. I must go to a Bella event! The shopping looked amazing!

It was so good to have your familiar happy face in a few of my classes. Loved have your sweet mama there too. I am sorry I missed your table vendor night, but you KNOW I had to dash on over to Ms Garrison and Ms McFoof~a~La's tables before I missed out. I'll be at the door waiting for your etsy shop to open tomorrow. Thanks for always being so sweet Candice and helping an unprepared Bella. Sorry if I bent your ear after the mimosa's on vendor Night also.. Oy!! I might have been a bit of a bad bella!!!

Hi Candice! One of the "Jennifer 7" here. It was so great meeting you and your Mother! I am also kicking myself for not getting one of your Silver Bella tri fold mini albums. I would love to still buy one from you if you still have one available.

Also kicking myself for not having you sign my Foof book!

Candice, it was such fun to meet you! Your table was gorgeous, and I loved seeing your work--it's even more beautiful in person than on the computer! LOL I can't wait to put together the album kit that I purchased and make piles and piles of crepe paper rosettes. :) My mom bought the beautiful "Merry" banner--lucky girl! I know she is just tickled with it. Congratulations on your success! :D

Candice it was so fun meeting you. I hope to see you here in Az in January. And your table was SUPER cute. Cant wait to start the projects I bought from you. Talk with you soon

Ooo, Love your blog!
Sandra Evertson

Everyone was soooo amazed at your rockin' vendor night table -- you were the talk of many a Bella! Seemed we just weren't meant to spend any time together in Omaha -- so glad you live in CA so we can continue to play here!! Hoping next year YOU are on the teacher list!!

Hugs to you and Suzanne!

Oh everything looks so dreamy! I really need to get there next year....I have been soaking it all up through everyone's blogs. I can't wait to see what else you put on etsy :-) So glad that you had a wonderful time! Congrats on doing well at Vendor Night. Looking forward to hearing more about silver bella!!!

Candice, it was so nice to meet you! I loved your booth on Vendor Night! I need that SWEET sign for cake! Love it! xo natalea

How absolutely wonderful everything looked!!! Thanks for sharing !

Candace! You were such a hit at Silver Bella!! Everyone was so impressed with your beautiful table and your gorgeous handmade items!! I was personally blown away by your talent and really look forward to working on my Silver Bella kit. Thanks so much for generously offering the make and take crepe paper rosette...a HUGE HIT!! It was wonderful to meet you and your mom. I've got your etsy shoppe and blog bookmarked now.

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